Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Below are some of frequently asked question about our system please read them in order to understand our system.

底下是常被問到關於系統的問題 ,為了了解我們的系統請讀它。

Q 1 1 - Is there a Free Trial?有免費試用嗎
Q 2 2 - How much is it to join?加入費用為何
Q 3 3 - Is there a refund policy?有退費政策嗎
Q 4 4 - Where is your company located?公司在那裡
Q 5 5 - Why aren't my commissions showing after I cycled?我已完成循環為什麼看不到我的佣金
Q 6 6 - How much spillover referrals will I get?我可以獲得多少溢出的下線
Q 7 7 - Can FREE members promote?免費會員可以促銷嗎
Q 8 8 - How long does it take to receive my earnings after I make a withdrawal?要求提現後多久可以拿到錢
Q 9 9 - How do I Upgrade?如何升級
Q 10 10 - Why isnt my referral showing in my Phase為什麼看不到我介紹進的人在階段矩陣內
Q 11 11 - Is Paying it Forward or Benefactoring mandantory?幫下線付錢是必須的嗎
Q 12 12 - What does Pay It Forward mean?付款使之前進(把愛傳出去)是什麼意思
Q 13 13 - What forms of payments can I use?我如何付款
Q 14 14 - Are there any products?有任何產品嗎
Q 15 15 - Can I upgrade using a Credit Card through Alertpay? They only allow a $2 transaction!我可以經由AlertPay使用信用卡付款嗎?他們規定最少要$2元
Q 16 16 - Settings of Alertpay are incorrect - contact the Seller出現付款錯誤連絡賣方訊息
Q 17 17 - PayItGlobal - Draw funds in from Alertpay, STP, Paypal or Credit Card.PayItGlobal可以接受AlertPay,STP,PayPal或信用卡
Q 18 18 - Will we have any other Payment Processors?還有其他付款方法嗎
Q 19 19 - Does the system fill Left to Right?系統採用由左向右補滿策略嗎
Q 20 20 - Do I use Manual or Auto Placement of members?我使用人工或是自動來安置下線
Q 21 21 - Can I have a member moved to another position?我可移動下線到別的位置嗎
Q 22 22 - Who owns all these Programs?系統擁有者是誰
Q 23 23 - Where is the button to sign up to the next Program?加入下一個程式的按鈕在那
Q 24 24 - Can I sign up in the next Program to Fast Track my income without a Sponsor?為了加速獲利,我可以沒有介紹人就加入下一個程式嗎
Q 25 26 - I have funds in my Join4aDollar e-wallet and I want to join in UNOStart or Club4Elite. How do I go about this?我已經把錢存入Join4aDollar的電子錢包,我如何加入UNOStart和Club4Elite
Q 26 27 - Why would I buy ahead to the other Programs rather than wait for my free membership?為什麼我要繳錢加入其他的程式而不等待我的免費會員資格
Q 27 28 - Will there be any Promotional Materials?有沒有促銷的材料
Q 28 29 - I've finished my Phase 1... I've signed up another member but they didn't fall in my Phase 2... why?我已完成階段一,又介紹另一個會員,但他沒出現在階段二矩陣內,為什麼
Q 29 30 - I just completed Phase 1 and I've joined up another new member... and they didn't they show up in my Phase 2?我已完成階段一,又介紹另一個新會員,但他沒出現在階段二矩陣內
Q 30 31 - How do I see my whole matrix?我如何看到整個矩陣
Q 31 32 - My Referral Link goes to Admin... Why?我的介紹連結跑到管理者,為什麼
Q 32 33 - I'm trying to add funds to my e-wallet but it just keeps reloading!我試著加錢入電子錢包,但一直出現重新載入
Q 33 34 - Conference Room會議室
Q 34 35 - What times are our meetings on?什麼時間上課
Q 35 36 - The Edit Details doesn't work for me不能編輯個人資料
Q 36 37 - What is the legal age of joining?合法參加的年齡限制
Q 37 38 - Can I transfer from J4a$ e-wallet to UNO e-wallet?我可以從J4a$錢包轉帳到UNO錢包嗎
Q 38 39 - How do I download the ebooks?如何下載電子書
Q 39 40 - My referral has moved to Phase 2... where are they now?我的下線已進入階段二,他們現在在那裡
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And the BEST thing is, we don't give you a "7 Day Money Back Guarantee" or a "$1.00 Try Before you Buy" Plan.



We give you a FULL 7 DAY FREE TRIAL without paying a cent, which will lock your position in place while you evaluate the program. If after your evaluation, you can't wait to join but price is the issue, then we have an option for that as well... although you will lose your position.


A one - time initial investment of $1 US. There is no monthly fee's or any additional cost.

Once a member "Upgrades" that member is able to download our product package. There is no way for that member to return that "product" back to us, so we can not issue refunds due to the nature of the business. Every member should review our terms of service, and make sure that they understand the risk involved in joining ANY business or online money making program before spending their money. When you upgrade and become a paid member, those funds are used to payout commissions. So we have a NO REFUND POLICY. You can not join, and if you don't cycle through all the phases your first month expect a refund.

We are located in Perth Western Australia, giving you an offshore business which brings in different TAX LAWS for your benefits, which we can get into at a later time.
公司位於伯斯,西澳大利亞 ,提供一個在國外享受不同稅法好處的事業。<回前頁>

We have to approve the "commission process" daily. If you have completed a Phase and your earnings are not showing yet, just wait 24 - 72 hours until we "approve commissions" that day.

This all depends on the "activity" of your sponsor and up line (people above you) and where you are in the system. It's impossible to predict exactly how much spill over you'll get from the company and up line. All we can say is with the re-entry we have designed into the program it gives every member a greater chance of success.

No, only upgraded members can promote and get sign ups. If you are a FREE member you will need to "Upgrade" before you begin advertising your site. The benefit of a Free member is it gives you a chance to look around without any out of pocket expense, since there is NO REFUND when you UPGRADE.

We process "withdrawl request" daily. But, it may take anywhere from 24 - 72 hours depending on the amount of "withdrawal request" we have for that day.



You may use Alertpay or Pay It Global to "Upgrade".



You can upgrade directly from the upgrade page in your members area using the below processors.






We recommend joining Pay It global since it gives you much more options and the fees between our programs are FREE. With Pay it global you can fund your account using the below processors.




If you have an "upgraded" referral and cannot see them in your Phases, depending on which Phase you are in, they are placed below your Phase 1, although you can't see them if your Phase 1 is full, they are below someone in your Phase 1, which will help push your Phase 1 referrals into your Phase 2. It works like follow the leader in a sence, so even though you can't see them, if they show as your referral in your members area under "My Referrals" and you're a paid member and upgraded before they did, you are their sponsor and they are below you. You will still earn the sponsor bonus when they cycle.
假使您有已升級的下線而在現階段看不到他們,這要看您現在在何階段,他們被安置在您階段一矩陣下面,假如您的階段一矩陣已滿您看不到他們,他們是被安置在某會員下面,這樣會幫助您階段一的下線進入您的階段二,像是跟隨領導者一樣,所以縱使您看不到他,只要他出現在會員區"My Referrals"表內,而您比他們早一步付錢升級,您就是他們的介紹人,而他永遠在您下面,您仍然獲得介紹紅利當他們完成他們的矩陣時。<回前頁>


We would like to say Yes but the answer is NO it's just an optional method to help build your downline and encourage them to do the same.




In Theory, if EVERYONE was to "Pay It Forward" for just 3 members, they would cycle thru the program ALOT FASTER than trying to do it themselves.




Paying it forward is a third-party beneficiary concept that involves doing something good for someone in response to a good deed done on your behalf or a gift you received. However, when you pay it forward, you don't repay the person who did something nice for you. Instead, you do something nice for someone else.




You may use Alertpay or Solid Trust Pay to "Upgrade". You can upgrade directly from the upgrade page in your members area using the below processors.






We recommend joining Pay It global since it gives you much more options and the fees between our programs are FREE. With Pay it global you can fund your account using the below processors.

Yes we have a range of eBooks in our member's area available for "upgraded members" only. For MEMBERS ONLY we also conduct live seminars on Wealth Creation.


Yes you can pay with just $1!


Here is how:



1. Login to your Members' Centre 


2. Click on E-wallet 


3. Click on "Add Funds to Wallet"

點擊"Add Fund to Wallet"

4. Add in amount you want (minimum $2 if using CC with Alertpay)


5. Choose your payment processor - Alertpay - You need to be a member with them)


6. Click on the Alertpay button and login to your account with them


7. Complete that transaction and go back to your Members' Centre. 


8. Click on Upgrade 


9. Pay $1 for yourself. 


10. Use the other $1 to pay for someone else, or even use it to join up under your own referral link if you so desire.



Occasionally some of our members do experience this same notice⦠we are not sure why.




All I can say is that the settings are correct and that we have countless members upgrading without any problems via Alertpay.




We think that maybe you have gone a little fast.




Please try again, making sure that you wait for the transactions to go through.




Unfortunately, at the present time, PayItGlobal is not automatically connected to our programs, but here is another way to help members.


Once you have a free PayItGlobal account, you can draw funds in through Alertpay, STP, Paypal or connect a credit card.


1. We suggest that you open up a free account With which is our own payment processor.




2. Then⦠add your credit card in.




3. After that, send us an email telling us⦠I authorize you to use the credit card I have on file ending with (insert the last 4 digits of your cc).




4. WAIT until Mike has a chance to authorize it. Please check your PIG account.




5. Then go to Deposit Funds in PayItGlobal and deposit the funds into your account, selecting your credit card.




6. WAIT for it to be approved.




7. Once thats done, go back into PIG to Send Money and send the funds to Join4aDollar.




8. Once Mike sees that he will deposit the funds into your E-Wallet.




*** PLEASE NOTE:  This is a very secure system, and once youâ™e done it the first time, its done. Also, its much cheaper for you to use a credit card.


Mike is currently looking into some of the other processors such as Liberty Reserve.  It's quite a process to set up with them so it doesn't happen overnight.

正在尋找其他的,例如Liberty Reserve,要花很長的時間才能建好,它不可能隔夜就完成。<回前頁>

No.  The system uses Random filling of members. It will always fill one level before moving to the next level.


You can use either.

兩者皆可。The best one to use is Auto, and let members fall where they fall.  They system will always fill one level before dropping to the next.


Manual needs a little explanation:


The system will only ever place two members under one person.  If Sue was the top member and there was no-one under her, you can place up to two more members to fall below her... but not a third... using manual.


If per chance, there is just one spot under Sue, and the entire rest of the level is full, you can use Auto Placement and it will fall under Sue... because it will always fill one level before moving to the next.


If you have just started and placing your first 3 members, please use Auto.  They will fall in on your first level.


The system is very fair as it won't allow you to build under one member and ignore the rest.



No.  Once a member has been paid for it cannot be moved.  To do that is an enormous amount of work for Mike... because that placement can mean members upline have been paid.


Every program in the entire Wealth Creation Portfolio is owned and operated by Mike Dutton, the CEO of the company.

整個財富創造投資組成的每個程式都屬於Mike Dutton,執行長。<回前頁>


There is no button simply because every program is totally separate.



No.  You need a sponsor to join any of the programs.  If you join without a sponsor you will fall under ADMIN... and this is one place you don't want to be, because it's OUTSIDE of the matrix.


If you have already signed up under ADMIN, but haven't upgraded (paid), you can send in a Support Ticket and tell us who your sponsor should have been. We can move you... but NOT IF YOU ARE UPGRADED!

假使您已加在ADMIN下面但還未升級(付款),您可以發一封Support Ticket告訴我們您應該的介紹人是誰,我們可以幫您移動,如果您已升級就沒辦法了。<回前頁>


Every program is totally separate... that means, every program has a separate in-house e-wallet which can only be used for funding within it's own program.


If you want to join one of the other programs you will need to fund your e-wallet in the normal fashion, but you cannot transfer it from Join4aDollar.



This is a choice.  There is NO PRESSURE!  But, some wish to fast track their earnings on their journey to build their Wealth Creation Portfolio.


It means that you have a position in the other programs and will not miss out on any of your team members that wish to do what you do.


When you complete your matrix in whichever program you are currently in, you will be given a choice on taking the money or another position in the programs you have fast tracked into.



Yes, sure there will be.  We just need more time.  We are sorry :-(

是的,確定會有,我們只是需要多一點時間,實在很抱歉 :-(


Unfortunately Mike has had to go to hospital in the middle of all our hectic time.  We have received quite a few banners from members and I'll get Mike to upload them soon.


We'll also try to add the other basic promotional materials as well.


Once you've completed Phase 1, congratulations!  All you continue to do is build under your members in Phase 1.  What you need is for each of those 12 members to complete their little matrix as well.  As they complete, they will show up as members in your Phase 2 cycle.


No, this is not the place to look for them (as explained above).  You need to look under one of your Phase 1 members, because that is where they will be.

Click on the highlighted links and it will open up the matrix of your team member.

It is possible to see your entire matrix down as many levels as you go.  Just click on the highlighted link on the little man and it will open up the matrix of that person.  You can keep going down, down, down...

您可以看到您的完整矩陣,幾層都可以,只要點選小人頭上的標記連結,就會出現那個人的矩陣,您可以一直往下、一直往下點 。<回前頁>

When inside your members' centre, you must click on your own Referral Link.  This will then show up as your page, and your info will also be on the Join page.

當您在您的會員中心時,您必須點您 自己的介紹連結,這樣就會出現有您名字的網頁,您的資訊也會在"加入"的網頁上。

If you click directly on JOIN from within your members' centre, the page will come up as ADMIN.

It doesn't like you to put the $ sign in front of the amount.  If you wish to add $10... simply put 10... and it will work fine.


Log in in the following manner:依下列方式登入

If you are a member of Join4aDollar, sign in as...
如果您是Join4aDollar會員以此方式登入  J4D John Smith

If you have completed Phase 1 of UNOStart, sign in as...
如果您已完成UNOStart階段一    UNO John Smith

If you have completed Phase 1 of Club4Elite, sign in as...
如果您已完成Club4Elite階段一    C4E John Smith

If you have completed Phase 1 of C4eBronze, sign in as...
如果您已完成C4eBronze階段一  C4eB John Smith

Please only sign in with your highest ranking... not all of them!
請以最高階登入就好 ,不要全部。

No password is required.

Please do not use your username.
請不要用您的使用者名稱登入 。<回前頁>

We currently hold our meetings in the Conference Room at:


5.00am Perth Western Australia (4.00pm EST US)             
10.00am Perth Western Australia   (9pm EST USA)       
5.30pm   Perth Western Australia.   (4.30am EST USA) 

The meetings are held on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending upon where you live in the world, and again on Saturday or Sunday.


Please click on the links above (or copy and paste into your browser) to find out the day and time it is on in your time zone.

點上面連結(或copy到您的瀏覽器)可知 您所在地的時間。

Another way to find out the time is to go to the website.  The local time is clearly marked on the front page.


The link to the Conference Room is in Q34.


When editing your details there are two little things to be aware of.

#1... You need to add your password in.  Don't question, just do!  It will not update until you do.

#2... It requires you to add your birthdate, otherwise it refuses to update.  Don't know why, just does.  No-one cares too much what date you put there, as long as you do.

The age of joining is country specific.


There is nothing to stop you taking a position on their behalf and handing it over when they come of age.


No.  Each program has it's own e-wallet and you cannot transfer between them.

You must login to your members' centre and click on Products (under the red tool bar).  There you will find a download link.


Normally, as a personal referral completes their matrix they will show is your Phase 2 matrix.  That is, unless they are under someone else who has not yet completed their matrix.  You will need to work a little harder with the member who has not completed so they come over into Phase 2, and then the other member will show up there at the same time.

You will be paid for the member that completes, but you will not see them in Phase 2 until the member they are placed under completes.